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Hessel Bierma

Co-owner and Full-Stack Developer

I'm a student in Medicine and Medical Informatics at the University of Amsterdam. Next to my studies I've always liked programming, I started with WordPress when I was 13, but in 2020 I found Laravel and I have to say I'm in love. In 2016 I also developed and published my first native iOS application. Let's talk about the cool things we can make together!
profile photo of Max Slutter

Max Slutter

Co-owner and Creative Mastermind

MSc in Interaction Technology. Several years of experience in native Android app development and Unity Editor. Love to think of creative and technical solutions. What creative app do you want to make?

Our Previous Projects


De Romei Therapie & Training

GZONDR aims to bring together a varied offering of trainings, classes, courses, and activities, to put more focus on prevention when it comes to health. (i.e. positive health) We worked closely togeth...

Tailwind CSS
Mollie Payments
  • A versatile multi-tenant SaaS solution

TIIM Project

BMS Lab - University of Twente

The TIIM application of the BMS Lab provides a way for researchers to easily share questionnaires with participants. The TIIM application consits of a mobile app, dashboard and an API. We have done ma...

  • Multi-year maintenance
  • Various big improvements


InfiniteDrop Highdiving.ch

We developed a small web-app that applies the rules & regulations of the international swimming federation to determine the dive code of a certain dive, based on the number of twists, flips and positi...

Tailwind CSS
  • Happy Divers
  • Happy Organisers

Augmented Reality App

DaVinci Academie

For our client DaVinci Academie we created an Augmented Reality app. Using the app, kids can scan certain images in the DaVinci magazines and that image will be shown in 3D. ...

  • Very positive feedback
  • Full development cycle

Website Cranio Arnhem

Cranio Arnhem

We developed and designed a WordPress one-page-website for Cranio Arnhem. The website provides a lot of information, yet it remains uncluttered. Also the website is easy to find via search engines. ...

  • Full development cycle
  • Increase in customers
  • Over 100 visitors daily

Super Bike Twente Live Blog

Electric Super Bike Twente

We developed a live blog feature for the Electric Super Bike Twente website, such that they can update their fans and supporters about their performance in various events and races. ...

Avada Live
  • Fully functioning liveblog
  • Easy to understand manual

Business Days Twente Scan-App

Business Days Twente

We developed an application that enables the companies present at the Business Days Twente fair, to scan students' QR codes, and to store and receive the students' contact details in a GDPR compliant ...

  • Full development cycle
  • multi-year maintenance

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